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At Richards and Jurusik US Immigration Law, we take pride in guiding our clients through complex immigration pathways. Our recent case involved a Canadian visitor who initially entered the United States for a family occasion but eventually navigated towards a professional career opportunity in the U.S.

Early Challenges: Visitor Visa Extension

Our client, a Canadian national, initially came to the United States for the birth of their grandchild. After spending some time in the country, they decided to extend their stay to assist with childcare. Facing the intricacies of U.S. immigration law, they sought our expertise to help extend their visitor visa. We successfully guided our client through the application process, enabling them to legally extend their stay in the United States.

Transition to TN Visa Status

Beyond the visitor visa extension, our client aspired to professional growth in the United States. They had previously attempted to obtain TN Visa status as a Management Consultant but faced denials at the border three times. Our team meticulously reviewed the reasons for these denials, evaluated their credentials, and scrutinized their consulting arrangement.

Strategy and Approval

Our strategic approach involved applying for TN Visa status by mail with USCIS. We addressed the previous denials’ issues and presented a compelling case that highlighted our client’s qualifications and the legitimacy of the consulting role. This approach led to a swift and successful approval of our client’s TN Visa status, allowing them to commence their professional journey in the United States.

Client Testimonial

“I highly recommend Jeremy Richards & his team for an excellent service they provided in handling my case recently. Jeremy explained the process clearly & the next steps to be taken. He was articulate, knowledgeable and effective. He responded in timely manner & in detail to all my queries that put my mind at ease. Jeremy’s team, in particular Rachael Sparacino did an amazing follow-up and kept me updated on all new developments. If you want a great, positive & stress-free experience, where the lawyer & his team are accessible at all times & give you detailed advice, I would recommend you take your business to Jeremy Richards at Richards and Jurusik US Immigration Law firm. Thank you Jeremy & Rachael!!”

Onwards to Green Card

With their TN Visa status secured, our client is now actively working towards obtaining a green card, marking the next significant milestone in their U.S. immigration journey.

Successful Case Results

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