On December 9, 2022, USCIS announced a policy change that automatically extends green cards for naturalization applicants. The new policy will go into effect on December 12, 2022. Here, we discuss the new USCIS Policy to Automatically Extend Green Cards for Naturalization Applicants.

USCIS Automatic Extension of Green Cards for Naturalization Applicants.

Applicants for US Citizenship who file USCIS Form N-400 on or after December 12, 2022, will now receive an automatic extension of up to 24 months. This extension will appear on the N-400 receipt notice. Applicants for naturalization will be able to present the receipt notice along with the expired green card as proof of identity and employment authorization.

What if I filed Form N-400 prior to December 12, 2022?

If you filed for naturalization before Dec. 12, 2022, you will NOT receive a Form N-400 receipt notice with the 24-month extension. If your Green Card expires, you should still file Form I-90 or receive an ADIT (Alien Documentation, Identification, and Telecommunication Systems) stamp in your passport, in order to maintain valid evidence of your lawful permanent resident status. This is because noncitizens must carry within their personal possession proof of registration, such as the Green Card and any evidence of extensions, or may be subject to criminal prosecution under INA 264(e).

How do I get an ADIT stamp on my passport?

If you filed Form N-400 as well as Form I-90 prior to December 12, 2022, and require proof of maintenance of legal US immigration status, you may request an appointment at a USCIS Field Office by contacting the USCIS Contact Center to obtain an ADIT stamp in your passport.

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