On September 29, 2022, US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced an extension of the temporary waiver of the validity of the civil surgeon’s signature on USCIS Form I-693 Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record through March 31, 2023, for all Form I-693s that have not been adjudicated regardless of when the application was filed or signed by the civil surgeon.

What is the “60-day rule”?

In general, a completed Form I-693  is only valid for 2 years after it is dated and signed by the civil surgeon, as long as the application is filed within 60 days of the signature from the civil surgeon. The “60-day rule.”

Who does this waiver apply to?

This waiver applies to ALL Form I-693s submitted with applications for immigration benefits that have not been adjudicated, regardless of when the application was submitted or when the Form I-693 was signed by the civil surgeon.

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