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Filing USCIS Form I-485, Application to Adjust Status to a U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card), along with Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, and Form I-131, Application for Travel Authorization, concurrently can lead to specific processing sequences by USCIS. Understanding this procedure is vital for applicants to effectively manage their expectations and plan accordingly.

USCIS Adjudication Process for Concurrent Filings

When these forms are filed together, USCIS prioritizes the adjudication of Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization). If approved, the applicant will receive the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) without the joint travel authorization initially. This prioritization aims to expedite the issuance of EADs, enabling applicants to begin or continue working legally in the United States as soon as possible.

Following the issuance of the EAD, USCIS then separately adjudicates Form I-131 (Application for Travel Authorization).

Timeline for Receiving Updates on Form I-131

As a result of this separate adjudication process, applicants often receive updates on their Form I-131 several weeks or even months after their EAD approval. This staggered approach is part of USCIS’s strategy to reduce processing times for EAD applications, ensuring quicker employment authorization for applicants.

Inquiring About Travel Authorization

Applicants are advised not to inquire about the status of their travel authorization unless it falls outside the listed processing times or if there is an urgent need for travel. Inquiries outside these conditions might not expedite the process, as USCIS adheres to its standard procedures for handling these applications.

Understanding the distinct processing times and sequences for these concurrently filed applications is crucial for applicants navigating the USCIS system. Awareness of this procedure helps set realistic expectations regarding the issuance of employment authorization and travel documents.

How do I expedite my work and travel authorization?

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