In a proactive move to support employers in the intricate task of determining new Employment Authorization Document (EAD) expiration dates, USCIS has introduced the EAD Automatic Extension Calculator. This innovative tool aims to streamline the process for employers and simplify the calculation of eligibility for automatic extensions.

Understanding the Automatic EAD Extension

Qualifying employees who timely file USCIS Form I-765 to renew their employment authorization may benefit from an automatic extension of up to 540 days. This extension is applicable if the renewal is for the same employment eligibility Category Code as the current EAD. Notably, for EADs with an A12 or C19 Category, the renewal application can have either A12 or C19.

Initiation of the Automatic EAD Extension

The automatic EAD extension begins on the card expiration date and generally spans up to 540 days, provided USCIS does not deny the renewal application earlier. Employers must be vigilant about tracking these dates to ensure continuous compliance.

Eligibility Criteria for Automatic EAD Extension

Employees falling under the following categories may qualify for an automatic EAD extension: A03, A05, A07, A08, A10, A17, A18, C08, C09, C10, C16, C20, C22, C24, C26, C31, A12, and C19. Employers should carefully assess their employees’ eligibility based on these specific categories.

Utilizing the USCIS EAD Automatic Extension Calculator

To calculate your employee’s new EAD expiration date, use the USCIS EAD Automatic Extension Calculator along with your employee’s Form I-9 and EAD expiration date. This tool simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Make use of this valuable resource to navigate the intricacies of EAD expiration date calculations, facilitating a smooth renewal process for both employers and employees HERE.

Automatic EAD Extension

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