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The US Embassy and Consulates in Mexico have recently announced the limited resumption of TN visa processing. Key changes include the availability of TN visa appointments in Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, and Guadalajara. If you had a TN visa appointment scheduled in Tijuana, here’s a breakdown of the latest developments and what to expect:

Previously Scheduled TN Visa Appointments in Tijuana

Appointments that were previously scheduled in Tijuana will be honored. However, it’s important to note that expedited appointments cannot be accommodated, and new TN visa appointments cannot be made at this time.

Processing Changes and Longer Wait Times

With these updates, applicants should anticipate longer-than-normal wait times for TN visa processing in Mexico. It’s advisable to verify the current status of TN visa processing at the US Embassy or Consulate where you plan to apply and plan your schedule accordingly.

Monitoring TN Visa Processing Changes

Staying informed is crucial. You can access the most up-to-date information on TN visa processing in Mexico by visiting the STATUS OF VISA PROCESSING AT THE U.S. EMBASSY AND CONSULATES IN MEXICO page.

Extension of Visa Payments

For those who have already made the visa payment (MRV Fee), the Department of State has extended the validity of visa payments until September 30, 2023. This extension aims to provide flexibility for applicants who were unable to schedule a visa appointment with the paid fee.

Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Waiver

Certain nonimmigrant workers applying for a TN visa may qualify for a waiver of the nonimmigrant visa interview under specific conditions. Eligibility criteria include applying in their country of nationality or residence, previous visa issuance, no history of visa refusal (unless overcome or waived), and no apparent ineligibility.

Applicants renewing any visa within 48 months of expiration are also eligible for an interview waiver.

As TN visa processing resumes in Mexico, staying informed and understanding these changes is essential for a smooth application process.

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