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Our client’s journey was marked by resilience and a deep understanding of the immigration process. Facing three consecutive denials, our team’s expertise turned the tide. Our client’s path was set in motion with a successful TN Visa approval. The H1B visa was secured a few months later, further cementing the progress. The pinnacle of the journey arrived when the Green Card was granted, marking the attainment of US Permanent Residency.

A Testament to Expertise and Perseverance

This case serves as a testament to the importance of having experienced and dedicated immigration professionals by your side. In a landscape where challenges seem impossible, the proper guidance can pave the way to success. Our client’s journey from a TN Visa to a Green Card is a reminder that with determination and the appropriate support, dreams of US Permanent Residency can become a reality.

Jeremy Richards helped me through a very difficult TN process, where 2 other law firms failed me resulting in three straight denials. It was Jeremy who took on my case for a forth and successful attempt where his knowledge of the process really made the defining difference. Jeremy’s team helped me to a successful H1B approval a few months later, then all the way to my Green Card in just a few years. The journey was long, but Jeremy and his team was on point through this entire stressful process. For me, any immigration matters, I would never consider anyone else. Highly recommended

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