TN Visa Approved for Management Consultant

TN Visa Approved for a Management Consultant. Our client had been shopping around for an immigration lawyer to assist with a TN Visa application. She was not able to find one with confidence and experience in the TN visa application process for management consultant. We were able to assist in preparing a TN visa application as a Management consultant that was approved the first time without issue. We discuss the approval here. 

TN Visa Approved for Management Consultant

Our client had been searching for an immigration lawyer with experience and confidence in the TN Visa application process for a management consultant. After several discussions with other immigration lawyers, she was losing hope. She then found us. After a brief conversation,  we assured her of our experience and confidence with the TN Visa application for management consultants. We were able to assist in drafting the necessary support letter, assembly of the required supporting documents, providing a complete TN visa application, and preparing our client to apply for TN visa status at a port of entry. The reviewing CBP Officer was satisfied with the application and approved our client for a 3-year TN Visa as a management consultant. She is now in the US working for her new employer on a TN Visa as a management consultant.

I used Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law to help me through my TN visa process. I had consulted with a few lawyers beforehand but was given different information and wasn’t confident that it was their area of expertise. Once I spoke with Jeremy I knew he knew what he was talking about and he was able to give me answers confidently. They helped me through the whole process and I was successful within the time frame they originally gave me. I could have tried to go through this whole process by myself but they were able to take a lot of stress away because I was confident in their expertise.

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