TN Visa Approved for a Management Consultant

Our client was desperately looking for assistance with a TN Visa application as a management consultant. They shopped around and were not able to find competent and experienced advice. We were able to quickly assess their situation and assist with a TN Visa application as a management consultant. We discuss the approval here. 

TN Visa Approved for a Management Consultant

There are a few TN Visa professions that can be more complicated than others. One of them is the profession of a management consultant. This profession is highly scrutinized and has additional requirements not contained in other TN Visa professions. However, if done correctly the process can be smooth. Our client approached us with a job offer as a management consultant and had spoken with several attorneys seeking guidance with no luck. We were able to assess the situation and assist them with a TN Visa application as a management consultant. Our client presented the complete TN Visa application at a US port of entry and was approved on the spot. Our client is now working in the United States under the TN visa profession of a management consultant.

We cannot thank enough to Jeremy who helped us during the TN Visa process [as a Management Consultant]. We had a couple of bad experiences before calling Jeremy Richards, by the time we contacted him we were running out of time, and we needed express helped! He was always available when we needed him (contrary with other law firms), he would always answer every question or doubt that we had. They helped us during all the process and with all the papers that we needed. And above all that they had it all done before our deadline. Mr. Jeremy Richards did an exceptional job helping us get my TN Visa and TD Visas for the family. We would not hesitate to recommend Richards and Jurusik to anyone needing immigration guidance and counsel, in fact we have done that already! Once again, thank you very much for all the help!

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