TN Visa Approved for a Management Consultant at a Non-Profit

Our client received a contract to provide services as a consultant to a non-profit organization. Due to the complex nature of a TN visa application as a management consultant and the nature of the consulting agreement, they sought our services. We were able to prepare a complete TN visa application and guide them through the process to obtain TN visa status. We discuss the approval here. 

TN Visa Approved for a Management Consultant at a Non-Profit

One of the more complex TN visa professions is management consultant. Our client had a unique consulting arrangement with a non-profit organization making the process more complex.  We were able to review the facts of the case and assist them with a TN Visa application as a management consultant. Our client presented the complete TN Visa application at a US port of entry and was approved on the spot. Our client is now working in the United States under the TN visa profession as a management consultant for a non-profit organization.

I would give Jeremy the strongest possible recommendation. I used his services to obtain a TN Visa [as a Management Consultant]. I had some concerns about receiving the TN, as I was going to work for an non-profit organization and was not sure how this would be viewed. Jeremy provided me a very thorough package in a very short amount of time. Upon arriving at US Customs at the Ottawa airport, the US Customs Officer stated that the package was very thorough and that everything was in good order. I was with the agent for less than ten minutes. In fact, it took longer to get a coffee after clearing customs than it took me to get my TN. Worth every penny of his rather reasonable fee.

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