TN Visa Approved for a Lawyer

Our Canadian client was looking for assistance with a TN Visa application as a Lawyer that had some unique angles in regard to the employment arrangement and compensation. They spoke to several other lawyers that could not assist as they were not competent with TN Visas under the USCMA (NAFTA). We were able to quickly assess the situation and assist with a TN Visa application as a Lawyer. We discuss the approval here. 

TN Visa Approved for a Lawyer

In most cases, a TN visa application under the profession of a lawyer is straightforward when done correctly. Our client had a unique employment arrangement and was finding it difficult to receive competent guidance for the TN visa application process. We were approached after they had already spoken with several other attorneys that were not able to assist.  We were able to review the situation and assist them with a TN Visa application as a lawyer. Our client presented the complete TN Visa application at a US port of entry and was approved on the spot. Our client is now working in the United States under the TN visa profession of a Lawyer.

In the last 10 months I visited three attorneys in Boston, Massachusetts regarding my application for TN Status as an Attorney. All three gave me different answers that did not help my situation for $300+ per hour. It is very clear that most immigration attorneys are not familiar with the laws regarding Treaty NAFTA status. With two weeks left on my previous visa status I discovered Attorney Richards after reading an online article he wrote for his website. A week later, Attorney Richards put together an excellent TN package. It is clear that the CBP officers at the Peace Bridge are familiar with Attorney Richards and add weight to applications with his name on it. I strongly recommend Attorney Richards and will do so to the many Canadian students in the Greater Boston Area. Thanks again!

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