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Are you a food science technician considering a move to the United States for employment? The TN Visa can be an excellent option, but it’s crucial to understand that not all TN Visa professions are equal in terms of complexity. One of the more intricate categories is that of a Scientific Technician Technologist, which often faces higher scrutiny and specific requirements.

Our recent success story highlights the journey of a food science technician who received a job offer in the United States. Facing the challenge of applying under the Scientific Technician category, our client turned to us for assistance. We worked closely with our client and their employer to meticulously prepare a TN Visa application tailored to this demanding profession.

The process was not without its complexities, but with our expert guidance and thorough preparation, our client presented the complete TN Visa application at a US Port of Entry. The result? Instant approval allows our client to start working in the United States as a food science technician under the scientific technician category.

The Richards and Jurusik office helped me apply for the TN visa for a position in the states. Not only were they fast in preparing my documents, they replied to my emails very quickly as well, which was another stress off my back with my complicated and time-sensitive situation.I also recommend this office because my job offer was in the more “scrutinized” NAFTA job categories (Scientific Technician), so the documents they prepared for my case, helped tremendously when the CBP officer reviewed my application, and only had a few general questions.

If you’re considering a TN Visa application, particularly in a profession subject to higher scrutiny, our experienced team is here to guide you. Contact us today to ensure your TN Visa journey is as smooth and successful as our recent clients. Your dream of working in the United States may be closer than you think.

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