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Richards and Jurusik US Immigration Update for February 2023

At Richards and Jurusik, we handle a broad scope of US immigration matters. This update covers several USCIS policy changes, the newest Arrive Podcast Episodes, recent client testimonials, and our monthly case spotlight. This update covers changes and updates in February 2023.

Siana McLean receives Recognition from Buffalo, NY Leaders

Since joining the Richards and Jurusik team, Siana has continued to provide the immigration representation Since joining the Richards and Jurusik team, Siana has continued to provide immigration representation she is known for. Siana recently received letters of recognition from both Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and The City of Buffalo Common Council President Darius G. Pridgen. We are honored to have Siana as a part of our team. Please join us in congratulating Siana as she continues her work for the immigration community in Buffalo, NY! Read More Here. 

Case Spotlight for February 2023

  • Green card for Father Mother and Sister of a US Citizen Approved! Family-based US immigration can be a long and complicated process. A proper understanding of the rules and wait times often determines the best approach forward. We recently helped a US citizen sponsor his father and mother for green cards. Due to wait times, after the father was approved, he was able to sponsor the sister for a green card. We explain their immigration journey and why this path was the best for their situation HERE. 
  • TN Visa Approved after denial for immigrant intent and unauthorized activities in the USA. Except in the case of K and E visas, Canadians are visa exempt. Giving Canadians easy access to travel to and from the United States. Even with visa-exempt status, Canadians need to be mindful of the limits of their status as visitors. We were able to assist a Canadian client that had been denied TN visa status due to unauthorized activities while visiting the US, to overcome the denial and obtain TN Visa status. Read more about our client’s journey to overcome the TN denial HERE.

  • Three E Visa Approvals on the same day in Toronto! Qualifying foreign nationals can obtain E-1 visa status as treaty traders and E-2 visa status as treaty investors. We recently received the approval for an E-1 Treaty Trader and two E-2 Treaty Investors on the same day at the US Consulate in Toronto, Ontario. We discuss the approvals HERE. 

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Recent Client Testimonials

  • Recently, Jeremy and his team helped us to obtain a work visa in the US. This is the second time he and his team help us. The whole process is a bit complicated for us, and I believe the same for everyone who is on the first time applying. But Jeremy interviewed us and gave us very good guidance and laid out the plan, and he specifically asked us not to derail from the plan. We did just that (we had experience with him before we know he is an excellent immigration attorney), And you know what? everything went smoothly and happened the way he said. After the first interview with Jeremy, he handed my case mostly to Rachael, who is also a very good immigration attorney. She handled the case seamlessly and answered my questions quickly with precision, which let us prepare our part correctly and proficiently with the numerous documents etc. Sara and other team members are also very professional and helpful, quick, and responsible. If you are applying for a visa and you think your application is very important to you and your family, I would highly recommend that you contact Jeremy and his team. – TN Visa to E2 Visa
  • I highly recommend this firm. They handled my matter professionally, and always answered any questions I had in a timely manner. F1 visa to Green Card through Marriage to a US Citizen 
  • As long as YOU provide most of the information they will compile it in the right order. Definitely, they know what they are doing. Since most people don’t know the process of the application therefore it is necessary to hire a lawyer so why not Richard Jurusik! TN Visa Management Consultant 
  • Great service! Thank you! – E2 Investor Visa 
  • We had a great experience with Richards and Jurusik. They helped us with our case and made the whole process very easy. Would definitely recommend them to anyone we know. –  UK Citizen on ESTA to Green Card through Marriage to a US Citizen 

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Arrive – US Immigration Law Podcast for Canadians

Hosted by US immigration lawyers Jeremy Richards and Christine Jurusik, the Arrive Podcast provides regular updates and perspectives on US immigration law issues for Canadians and the Northern Border. Each episode discusses the current state of a certain aspect of US immigration law, and how it applies to Canadians living and working in the United States today. The following episodes were published in February 2023:

  • Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast – Episode 37 – In this episode of the Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast for Canadians, we review recent US Immigration Updates including the upcoming H1B visa lottery and we answer several questions submitted by our listeners about US Immigration Law.

Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast

Richards and Jurusik YouTube Updates

Richards and Jurusik Immigration Law regularly creates video content about the US immigration matters that matter the most to you. Each video focuses on the current state of a certain aspect of US immigration law, and how it applies to living and working in the United States today. Here is a list of our latest YouTube videos:

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