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After a denial of a TN visa, our client reached out for help. Despite previous TN visa approvals our client was denied and looking for options to work in the US. We reviewed the situation and were able to determine that he qualified for an O1A visa. We were able to assist in preparing an O1A visa application that was approved by USCIS. We discuss the approval here. 

O1A Visa Approved for an Expert in Continuous Improvement Software after TN Visa Denial

Our client had several TN Visas in the past and based on past experience applied again for a TN Visa as a management consultant. CBP reviewed the application and found it was insufficient and he was denied. Not only was he denied, he was threatened with a bar and removal from the US. We were able to review the reasons for the denial and his credentials to determine his best course forward. We determined that his qualifications were sufficient for an O1A visa. We applied by mail with USCIS and he was approved. He then took the approval notice to the border and was admitted to work with an O1A visa status. He is now in the US working for his clients on O1A Visa.

I had entered the USA on a TN visa 52 times in the past 15 years. Suddenly things have changed in both my situation and the US Border Customs processing of these visas. I had applied for a TN a few months ago and I thought that when you apply only one of two things could happen. One you get accepted or two you get rejected. But apparently there is a third possible outcome which is to be arrested. I was not arrested but I was threatened due to information that I did not consider relevant and they did. They sent me home and after that scare I really did not want to enter the USA again. But because of business I had to. So I consulted Jeremy Richards and they processed an application for an O1 Visa instead of a TN Visa. The O1 Visa is for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement and I was accepted in 15-Days and I have an O1 Visa for three years.Thank You Richards & Jurusik. I am an experienced and intelligent businessman, but take it from me, DON’T THINK YOU KNOW THE SYSTEM OF IMMIGRATION AND DON’T CREATE AND PROCESS YOUR OWN APPLICATION. One mistake or one piece of information presented wrong or omitted by error could end up costing you far more than the cost of a Great Immigration Lawyer such as Jeremy Richards.

O-1 Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

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