Canadian citizens can apply for TN-1 visa status in person at certain US Ports of Entry and Pre-flight Inspection points. If you apply in person you will receive an immediate review and decision on your TN application. This can result in several possible outcomes, an approval, a rejection, a withdrawal, a denial, or even a bar from admission to the United States. We discuss applying for your TN visa at a new location here.

Can I just go to the border to ask them questions about my eligibility for a TN visa before I officially apply?

Any interaction that you have at a port of entry to the United States is recorded, is official, and can potentially impact future interactions you have with US Immigration authorities. You should only appear at a port of entry to apply for a TN visa if you have all your documentation in order and are applying for a TN visa. If you show up unprepared or simply seeking advice, this will be recorded and can impact your future potential to obtain a TN visa. If you have questions about the application process or your qualifications, you should contact an experienced US immigration lawyer before your apply.

My TN visa was denied, Can I just try a different location??

There is nothing in the law that prevents you from taking your TN visa application to another port of entry and applying again. However, this is highly frowned upon and is what is referred to as “port shopping.” “Port shopping” is going to a new port of entry to try and get a more favorable decision. All interactions at a port of entry are recorded, shared,  and can be accessed by other ports. Such interactions can be used against you during any future applications. Simply going to a new port will not fix any issues with your TN application, support letter, qualifications, or admissibility issues. Such issues should be addressed before attempting to re-apply at the same or different port.

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