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Over the years we have represented hundreds of companies as they expand their operations into the United States. One method is through the L1A start-up visa. Once the US operations grow sufficiently to support a permanent US manager position, the US company can then sponsor qualifying Executives and Managers for US permanent residence (green card). We recently helped a client complete the journey of entering the United States on an L1A visa to start their US operations and eventually a green card.  Read their US Immigration story here.

Case Summary – L1A Start-Up Visa for Logistics Company to Green Card Approved!

Our client approached us in 2018 with the goal of expanding their logistics company into the United States. We were able to advise them of the necessary steps to open and begin their operations in the United States and prepare an L1A visa application with USCIS Form I-129 Petition for Foreign Worker.  After the initial L1A approval, we were able to assist multiple L1A executive and managerial level employees to obtain L1 visa status for a conditional 1 year time period. After one year of successful operations, they were able to obtain 3-year extensions of their L1A visas. All done at a US port of entry as Canadian citizens.

Once the US company grew to a capacity necessitating a permanent US managerial role, we filed USCIS Form I-140 Petition for Foreign Worker under the EB-1C category. They were approved! After approval of the Form I-140 Petitions, we then filed USCIS Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Resident Status for the employees and their qualifying family members. They are now all US permanent residents.

The entire process of obtaining the initial 1 year L1A visa as a start-up company, the 3 year L1A visa extensions, and approval of the green cards, took 4 years to complete. They now have successful US and Canadian operations and are able to reside permanently inside the United States under their US permanent resident status. We look forward to helping them transition from US permanent resident status to US Citizenship after they complete 5 years as US permanent residents.

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