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Are job titles crucial for a successful TN visa application? The importance of job titles in TN visa applications is often underemphasized, yet they bear significant weight in this process. Despite the variations in job titles across different employers and the internal job classification systems, they can either simplify or complicate your visa application process. Particularly for TN visa status, a strategic evaluation of the job title becomes imperative prior to filing your TN visa application. This article aims to explain the impact of job titles on TN visa applications.

Guidance from 9 FAM 402.17-6 – Entry Documents

According to the 9 FAM 402.17-6 – Entry Documents, the role of job titles in TN visa applications under the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement) is explicit. While an employment offer may list the USMCA profession, it’s crucial to identify the actual job title based on the associated job duties.

Case Example: Job Title Vs. Job Duties

For instance, the employment letter may describe the job title as a “computer system analyst.” However, a closer look at the job duties may reveal a closer resemblance to roles such as data entry or computer programming – neither of which are specified USMCA professions. Therefore, despite the job title indicated in the employment letter, the applicant may not qualify for the TN visa.

The Importance of Aligning Job Title and Duties with USMCA Professions

Undeniably, the job title featured in the offer/support letter is a key detail when applying for TN visa status. Though not definitive of the job role to be performed, it provides a useful hint. Hence, both job titles and job duties demand careful examination and should align with a listed USMCA profession. Any ambiguity that the application is for a position that does not correspond with a USMCA profession could lead to application denial. Therefore, ensuring the consistency of job title and duties with a USMCA professional before applying for a TN visa status is highly recommended.

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