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Job titles vary from employer to employer and are not always indicative of the duties performed. Job titles often come from an employer’s internal job classification system. Some job titles can complicate the visa process, while others tie in nicely. When it comes to TN visa status, the job title is a factor that should be carefully assessed before making a TN visa application. We discuss the importance of a job title for TN visa application purposes here.

Is the job title important for a TN visa application?

9 FAM 402.17-6 – Entry Documents, provide the following guidance which discusses job titles for TN visa applications under the USMCA:

While the job letter may include the USMCA profession in which the applicant will be employed, you must determine the actual job title USMCA based on the duties in the job position description.  For example, an employment letter might offer the applicant the job title of “computer system analyst” but the totality of the information presented may lead you to find that the applicant’s job duties more closely align to that of data entry or computer programming—neither of which are specified USMCA professions.  In this example, you would correctly determine that, despite the job title specified in the employment letter, the applicant does not qualify for the TN visa.

The job title used on the offer/support letter is an important detail to consider when applying for TN visa stats. Although a job title alone is not definitive of the job to be performed, it can be an indicator. Both the job title and job duties should be carefully considered and must be consistent with a listed USMCA profession. If there is any question that the application is for a position that does not fall under a USMCA profession, the application can be refused. Make sure the job title and duties are consistent with a USMCA profession before applying for TN visa status.

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