USCIS has notified those that were selected in the first round of the FY2023 H-1B lottery. If you were selected your status will change from “Submitted” to “Selected”. We discuss what happens next if your status remains “Submitted” here. H1B lottery

When will I know if I was selected for the H-1B Lottery?

USCIS has notified all those that were selected in the FY2023 on or before March 31, 2022. Your employer can verify the status of each beneficiary by logging into their USCIS account to view all cases they submitted in the lottery. If you were chosen in the FY2023 lottery the “Status” will have changed from “Submitted” to “Selected.” Under the “Action” tab you will be able to see and download your H-1B Lottery selection notice. See the image above.

What do I do if I wasn’t selected for the H-1B visa lottery?

If your status remains as “Submitted”, then you were not yet chosen in the H-1B lottery. Do not worry. This simply means you were not selected in the first round of the lottery. In past years USCIS has run subsequent selections under the lottery based on the number of H-1B Petitions that are not submitted by the June 30 deadline. These numbers are put back into the lottery and another selection is performed.  This is referred to as the “H-1B Reserve Registration.”

When will the “H-1B Reserve Registration” begin?

USCIS will perform the “H-1B Reserve Registration” based on the number of H-1B Petitions not filed in a timely manner under the March selection. The H-1B reserve registration is typically done in July with notifications sent in August.

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