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Understanding Your H-1B Lottery FY2023 Selection Status

As the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) completes the first round of selections for the FY2023 H-1B Visa Lottery, candidates eagerly await the transformation of their status from ‘Submitted’ to ‘Selected.’ Let’s delve into the procedures for applicants whose status remains ‘Submitted.’

Confirming Selection Status

By March 31, 2022, USCIS informed all successfully selected candidates for the FY2023 H-1B lottery. Employers play a crucial role in this process by accessing their USCIS accounts. Within the account, navigate to the specific cases submitted for the lottery. For those fortunate enough to be chosen, the ‘Status’ field would have transitioned from ‘Submitted’ to ‘Selected.’ The ‘Action’ tab allows the viewing and downloading of the H-1B Lottery selection notice.

Action Steps if Not Selected in the H-1B Visa Lottery

Should your status persist as ‘Submitted,’ there’s no cause for immediate concern. This indicates that the initial H-1B lottery selection did not include your application. However, history reveals a potential lifeline: USCIS often conducts additional lottery selections, known as the “H-1B Reserve Registration.” This process considers unsubmitted H-1B Petitions by the June 30 deadline, reintroducing them into the lottery for a subsequent selection.

Timelines for the H-1B Reserve Registration

The USCIS initiates the “H-1B Reserve Registration” to accommodate H-1B Petitions not submitted within the required timeframe for the March selection. Typically commencing in July, this phase concludes with notifications dispatched in August. Navigating these timelines is crucial for those in ‘Submitted’ status, as it offers another opportunity to secure a spot in the H-1B Visa Lottery.


Understanding the dynamics of your H-1B Lottery status is key to informed decision-making. Whether ‘Selected’ or ‘Submitted,’ staying attuned to USCIS updates and H-1B Reserve Registration timelines ensures you are prepared for the next steps in your H-1B journey.

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