DUI Entry to Canada
If you have been convicted of a DUI, DWI, DWAI, or related offense, it can impact your ability to travel to Canada. Depending on the nature of your convictions and the time that has passed, you might need criminal rehabilitation and/or a temporary resident permit to enter Canada. We discuss the impact of DUI and related offenses on your ability to enter Canada here.

Will a DUI prevent you from going to Canada?

If you’ve been convicted of an impaired driving offense, while impaired, you may be inadmissible to enter Canada based on serious criminality. In general, you won’t be able to enter Canada. We review the options for you to enter Canada temporarily, or to become admissible again below.

How do I enter Canada temporarily?

You can request temporary entry to Canada with a DUI through A Temporary Resident Permit. A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is temporary and only extends to a granted, specific, period of time. For example, to attend a wedding, a sporting event, a concert, or a fishing trip.  The length of your stay is restricted by the  TRP. There are also several conditions that you must follow. For example, you are not permitted to work or study without a work or study permit, you cannot re-enter Canada, and you agree to leave immediately after your authorized period of stay.

How do I become admissible to Canada again?

You might be able to become admissible to Canada after a DUI through an application for Criminal Rehabilitation (CR). If approved, CR waives your inadmissibility to Canada permanently. You can apply for criminal rehabilitation if at least 5 years have passed since you completed your sentence or committed the crime.

Can I apply for both a Temporary Resident Permit and Criminal Rehabilitation?

Yes. If you are eligible for criminal rehabilitation (CR), we suggest that you apply for it as well as a temporary resident permit (TRP), since criminal rehabilitation is permanent, while the temporary resident permit is temporary.

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Will a DUI, DUAI, DWAI, DWI, OVI, or OWI keep me from going to Canada?

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