Form I-94

Whether issued by CBP upon entry or by USCIS during an extension or change of status, Form I-94 is a record of lawful inspection and admission to the U.S. While traditionally paper-based and stapled to passports, CBP now issues electronic I-94 records, ensuring a more streamlined process. If USCIS issues an I-94 with an extension or status change, it is attached at the bottom of the USCIS I-797 Approval Notice.

Misalignment of I-94 and Visa Expiration

A common point of confusion is the disparity between the I-94 expiration date and the visa expiration date. Unlike a visa, which is solely for entry purposes, the I-94 indicates the duration of legal stay in the U.S. It’s not unusual for the I-94 date to be shorter than the visa expiration date. For instance, a student might have a D/S (duration of status) I-94 without a specific expiration date.

Consequences of Overstaying I-94 Expiration

Staying beyond the I-94 expiration date can result in severe immigration consequences. Your I-94 clearly outlines the permissible duration of your stay, and exceeding this timeframe can lead to complications. It’s crucial to stay aware of your I-94 expiration date and diligently maintain your status while in the U.S.

Addressing I-94 Errors: Your Responsibility

Even if CBP or USCIS makes an error on your I-94, the responsibility lies with you to identify and rectify it promptly. Errors on your I-94 can have serious immigration implications, making it essential to verify its accuracy upon issuance.

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