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As part of the visa process, both the DS-160 and the DS-260 contain questions regarding social media accounts and social media identifiers. Questions regarding social media accounts have been put into place as added background and security measures for foreign nationals coming to work and live in the United States. We discuss how social media impacts the visa process below.

Where are you required to disclose your social media accounts?

US Department of State forms DS-160: Nonimmigrant Visa Application, and the DS-260: Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application both contain questions about social media accounts, handles, and identifiers.  A social media “handle” or “identifier” is the name used on social media accounts such as TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What visa classifications are required to disclose social media accounts?

Anyone who is applying for a nonimmigrant OR immigrant visa will be required to answer social media-specific questions.

Will I be required to provide the password to my social media account?

Only the social media handle or identification is required. Passwords are NOT required or requested as part of the process.

What if I don’t have or use social media?

If you do not have or use social media then you are not required to provide responses to the social media-related questions. You would simply reply, “None.” Not having or not using social media is not a ground for refusal or denial.

Can I be denied solely on my social media based on religion, political views, or race?

It is unlawful for a Consular officer to deny a visa only based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, political views, gender, or sexual orientation.

You should provide accurate and honest answers when completing the DS-160 or DS-260. Not disclosing or being misleading can lead to a refusal or denial of your visa. If you have concerns about your specific situation you should seek advice from a qualified and experience US Immigration Lawyer.

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