LinkedIn profile impact my visa application?

When applying for a visa the reviewing officer relies on all available evidence to make a determination of your qualifications for the visa. This includes any publicly available information on the internet, such as your LinkedIn profile or company website. Officers can and do rely on such information when making a final decision on a case. We discuss the implications of LinkedIn profiles and other publicly available information and their impact on a visa application here.

Can an immigration officer use my LinkedIn profile to approve or deny my visa application?

Immigration officers rely on both confidential resources as well as publicly available information to review the qualifications of visa applicants. This includes but is not limited to your LinkedIn profile. Your current and past positions, titles, duties, etc. can be referenced against your visa application and used as a factor in determining your qualifications. Any inconsistencies can and often lead to denials. Make sure any information on your LinkedIn and other professional profiles are up to date and accurately reflects your employment status.

What about websites, press releases, and other publicly available information?

Any information an immigration officer finds about you or your employer when reviewing your qualifications can be used in the final decision. This includes company websites, press releases, blogs, articles, or any information that an officer can reference by searching the internet through both public and private means. Information can either help or hinder your application.

Whether it is LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, a website, or any other resource available to an immigration officer, the information can be used to determine your qualifications for a visa. It is best practice to make sure all available resources have an accurate portrayal of your situation. Do an internet search of yourself and or your employer to see what is out there before you apply for a visa. Any inaccuracies should be corrected or addressed during your visa application.

How does social media impact the visa process?

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