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Creating a USCIS account is your best way to get updates and efficiently track your immigration application or petition. This article guide will walk you through setting up your account for automatic notifications, finding your crucial USCIS receipt number, and managing cases beyond regular processing times.

Setting Up Your USCIS Account

To start the tracking process:

  1. Visit the Official USCIS Website: Begin by navigating to USCIS’s official website.
  2. Navigate to Account Creation: Find and click on the section dedicated to account creation on the homepage.
  3. Input Your Information: To link your case to your account, fill in the required fields, including your case receipt notice details.
  4. Choose Notification Preferences: Opt for your preferred method of receiving updates via email or text message.
  5. Complete Setup: Finish the account creation process, and then log in to access and manage your USCIS account seamlessly.

Understanding Your USCIS Receipt Number

A Key to Effective Case Tracking

The USCIS receipt number is a unique 13-character code critical for tracking your case. It typically starts with three letters (e.g., EAC, WAC, LIN), followed by ten numbers. To locate and use your receipt number:

  • Check Your Notices: Look at any official USCIS notices of action sent to you.
  • Find the Receipt Number: Identify the receipt number, which should consist of a mix of letters and numbers without dashes (other characters may be included).

Handling Cases Exceeding Normal Processing Times

Proactive Steps for Resolution

Should your case take longer than the stated processing times, here’s what to do:

  1. Contact USCIS Directly: Contact the official helpline or online inquiry system.
  2. Schedule an Infopass Appointment: Book an in-person meeting with a USCIS officer for detailed discussions.
  3. Engage with Congress: Your local congressional representative can sometimes assist in expediting your case.
  4. Submit an Online Case Inquiry: If your case is pending, use the USCIS online system to inquire.


Managing your USCIS case can be simple. With a USCIS account, you can receive timely updates and have all the information you need to navigate the immigration process confidently. Take control of your immigration case by using these insights and resources.

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