TN visa Status as a Nurse

One of the qualifying professions listed under the USMCA (NAFTA) is Registered Nurse (RN). If you are a Canadian or Mexican RN and meet the minimum requirements under the USCMA, you may qualify to work in the United States under TN Visa status. We discuss the profession of a Registered Nurse for TN Visa status under the USMCA and how to qualify here.

What is a Registered Nurse for TN Visa purposes?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), the profession of Registered Nurse is defined as follows for TN visa purposes:

Registered nurses (RNs) provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about various health conditions, and provide advice and emotional support to patients and their families. Registered nurses typically do the following:

  • Assess patients’ conditions
  • Record patients’ medical histories and symptoms
  • Observe patients and record the observations
  • Administer patients’ medicines and treatments
  • Set up plans for patients’ care or contribute information to existing plans
  • Consult and collaborate with doctors and other healthcare professionals
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment
  • Help perform diagnostic tests and analyze the results
  • Teach patients and their families how to manage illnesses or injuries
  • Explain what to do at home after treatment

Most registered nurses work as part of a team with physicians and other healthcare specialists. Some registered nurses oversee licensed practical nursesnursing assistants, and home health aides. Registered nurses’ duties and titles often depend on where they work and the patients they work with. For example, an oncology nurse works with cancer patients and a geriatric nurse works with elderly patients. Some registered nurses combine one or more areas of practice. For example, a pediatric oncology nurse works with children and teens who have cancer.

How do I qualify for TN Visa status as a Registered Nurse?

You might qualify for TN Visa status as a Registered Nurse if you meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. You are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen (Permanent Residents do NOT qualify);
  2. You have a job offer from a US employer or are servicing a contract with a US client;
  3. You will be performing duties consistent with a Registered Nurse under the OOH;
  4. You have a State/Provincial License; or Licenciatura Degree;
  5. You have obtained a VisaScreen (Required even if you obtained your education in the United States); and
  6. You can demonstrate that you have non-immigrant intent, in other words, the intent to return to your foreign residence at the end of your temporary employment.

With proper preparation and guidance, the TN Visa process can be straightforward. Taken lightly, the TN Visa process can be burdensome and can have long-term immigration consequences.

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