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Over the past several years, admission to the United States has become increasingly difficult. Entry is not granted without the presentation of acceptable identification documents and often the attainment of a visa. This has not always been the case.

Claims to US Citizenship

We often come across individuals who were born in another country to a US Citizen parent(s), and were then brought back to the United States as infants or very young children. Less stringent inspection procedures allowed entry without the presentation of proper proof of US citizenship. In many cases, a parent(s) assumes their child is a US citizen and does not think twice about the need to obtain proof of their citizenship. The child is raised in the US and problems often do not arise until the child tries to obtain a social security card, the child tries to obtain employment, or the child enters college.

Because of our proximity to the US-Canadian border, we routinely come across individuals who fit this scenario. In some cases, you might have a claim to US citizenship by birth to a US citizen, even though you were born in Canada. Some claims to US citizenship are time-sensitive and must be done prior to the age of 16.

How to Obtain Proof of US Citizenship

There are a few different avenues that can be used to obtain proof of US Citizenship. Each avenue requires different procedures and forms of evidence. It is important to properly identify the appropriate method for obtaining proof of US Citizenship before beginning the process. Depending on the facts of the case, proof of US Citizenship can be obtained by filing one of the following with US Citizenship and Immigration Services or the US Department of State:

It is important to obtain proof of US Citizenship for a child born in another country to US citizen parents as soon as possible. We are experienced in identifying who is a US Citizen by birth and can assist with the application process. Since obtaining valid proof of US Citizenship is critical, we suggest working with a licensed attorney experienced in handling US Immigration Law matters. If you need assistance with obtaining proof of US Citizenship, contact us today to see how we can help.

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