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Geophysicists are listed under the USMCA(NAFTA) professions list as a profession that qualifies for TN visa status. Suppose you are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen with an offer of employment from a US employer as a Geophysicist. In that case, you might qualify to work and live in the US under TN Visa status. We discuss the profession of a Geophysicist for TN Visa status under the USMCA and how to qualify here.

What is a Geophysicist for TN Visa purposes?

According to the US Department of Labor (DOL), Geophysicists fall under the profession of Geoscientists. A geoscientist studies the Earth’s composition, structure, and physical aspects. They may use geological, physics, and mathematics knowledge in exploration for oil, gas, minerals, or underground water, as well as in waste disposal, land reclamation, or other environmental problems. It may study the Earth’s internal composition, atmosphere, and oceans and its magnetic, electrical, and gravitational forces. Includes mineralogists, paleontologists, stratigraphers, geodesists, and seismologists.

For TN Visa purposes, the geophysicist profession also includes the Oceanographer profession in Mexico and the United States.

How do I qualify for a TN Visa as a Geophysicist?

You might qualify for a TN Visa as a Geophysicist if you meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. You are a Canadian or Mexican Citizen (Permanent Residents do NOT qualify);
  2. You have a job offer from a US employer or are servicing a contract with a US client;
  3. You will be performing duties consistent with a Geophysicist;
  4. You have a Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree in a related field, and
  5. You can demonstrate that you have non-immigrant intent, that is, the intent to return to your foreign residence at the end of your temporary employment.

Is certification or licensure required to obtain TN Visa status as a Geophysicist?

Certification or licensure is not a requirement to obtain TN visa status as a Geophysicist.


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