H1-B for solutions architect

H-1B Specialty Occupation: Platform Solutions Architect

Our client approached us seeking assistance with the transfer of an employee holding an H-1B visa under the internal title of a Platform Solutions Architect. To ensure a seamless transition, we strategically chose to categorize the position under the profession of Computer Systems Engineer/Architects, identified by the SOC code 15-1299.08.

H1B transfer Approval

Why Computer Systems Engineer/Architect?

  1. Educational Requirements: This profession typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree for entry, aligning with USCIS criteria.
  2. Prevailing Wage Alignment: The prevailing wage for this profession matched the employer’s offered wage for the Platform Solutions Architect position.
  3. Duties Consistency: The duties of Computer Systems Engineer/Architect were found to be consistent with those of a Platform Solutions Architect.
  4. Code 5 Classification: The profession is listed as a Code 5 occupation under Appendix D: Professional Occupations Education and Training Categories by the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center.

Swift Approval Timeline

The H-1B Visa transfer was filed with 15-day premium processing, and to our delight, it was approved in an incredibly short span of 8 days. Notably, this approval was granted without the need for additional evidence, showcasing the accuracy and completeness of the application.


This case exemplifies our commitment to providing efficient and effective immigration solutions. The strategic selection of the profession and the expedited processing demonstrate our dedication to delivering optimal results for our clients.

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