E2 Visa Approval

E2 Visa approved with USCIS for the owner of a pool services company. Our client was inside the United States as a visitor and had made a substantial investment in a pool services company. We were able to assist in preparing an E2 visa application with USCIS that was approved. We discuss the approval here. 

E2 Visa Approved by USCIS for Pool Service Company

While our client was inside the United States they made a substantial investment to purchase a pool services company. We were able to assist in assembling an E2 visa petition by mail with USCIS. The E2 visa was approved and our client is now here in the US managing their business.

Christine & Rachael handled my E2 Visa application. They were both very responsive to all my questions which I thought was amazing. Christine is very knowledgeable and guided me through the entire process. Rachael was very thorough with my paperwork and kept me organized and on track to submit all the appropriate documentation. I highly recommend them for anybody considering an E2 Visa. Thank you both, you are the best!

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