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Understanding E2 Visa Status

The E-2 Treaty Investor Visa, commonly known as the “Investor Visa,” is designed for individuals who wish to develop and manage the operations of an enterprise in the United States. This entails a substantial capital investment, and the applicant may either direct the enterprise or work as an executive, supervisor, or highly skilled employee.

Case Summary

In a recent success story, our client, a Canadian citizen, navigated the E2 Visa process by purchasing an existing gas station in the U.S. The investment, totaling $175,000, was a combination of personal funds and “gift funds.” Notably, the gas station provides employment for two U.S. workers, contributing to the local economy.

USCIS E2 Visa Approval


USCIS E2 Visa Approval

The unique aspect of this case lies in the approval obtained through USCIS, allowing the applicant to change status from a visitor visa to an E2 Visa while remaining within the United States. USCIS granted approval for a maximum 2-year period, signifying the success of the application.

Two Paths to E2 Visa

There are two primary routes for obtaining an E2 Visa: through a US Consulate or Embassy and via mail with USCIS through a change of status. This case exemplifies the latter, showcasing the flexibility and success achievable through this method.

Exploring Your E2 Visa Options

Whether you plan to establish a new enterprise or invest in an existing one, understanding the E2 Visa process is crucial. Explore the two avenues available—US Consulate/Embassy and USCIS mail application—and determine the best path for your unique circumstances.


The approval of the E2 Visa for our gas station owner client underscores the viability of the USCIS route for obtaining this Investor Visa. As you embark on your E2 Visa journey, consider the options and intricacies involved, ensuring a smooth and successful application process.

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