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In the US Mexico Canada Agreement (USCMA) there is no specific requirement for English language ability. However, your ability to speak English may be a factor in considering your ability to perform the duties of the position offered. See how your ability to speak English might impact your TN visa application.

Do I need to speak English to get TN visa status?

Although there is no specific requirement for knowledge of the English language. It can be used as a factor during your TN visa application. Your knowledge of English can be a factor in your TN visa application if the reviewing officer determines that your ability to speak English will prevent you from performing the duties of the offered position. The Foreign Affairs Manual on USCMA Professionals states the following under Knowledge of English:

There is no statutory requirement of English language ability for TN visa issuance.  However, English language ability can be one of several factors to consider when determining if the applicant will be performing professional-level work in the TN category.  For example, if an applicant is going to work in an office with English-speaking staff and they do not speak English, you must assess whether they will be able to perform the duties required of a TN professional.  Ultimately, you must make a factual determination as to whether the proposed employment of the visa applicant meets the professional nature definition.  If it does not, you may refuse the application under INA 214(b).

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