Starting April 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) initiated a pilot for a stampless entry and electronic I-94 process at select ports of entry. This modernized process has now become the standard practice across all U.S. ports of entry, marking a significant shift in how entry to the United States is recorded and managed.

Transition to Stampless Entry and Electronic I-94

Traditionally, CBP would issue a paper I-94 card, stapled in a traveler’s passport, accompanied by an admission stamp. This method was used to record lawful inspection and admission into the U.S. With the implementation of the new policy, the reliance on physical stamps and paper I-94s is fading. Admission records are now handled electronically, linked to the passport used upon entry into the United States.

Understanding the I-94 and Its Importance

The I-94 form is a crucial immigration document. It provides evidence of your legal admission and status in the U.S., including your arrival date and permitted duration of stay. It’s essential to verify the accuracy of this record after entry.

Accessing Your Electronic I-94 Record

To access your electronic I-94 record, you can visit the CBP I94 Lookup site. It’s advisable to review this record for accuracy and download it promptly after your admission. If you notice any errors, they should be addressed immediately.

Requesting a Physical Stamp from CBP

While the electronic record is now the norm, if you prefer to have a physical ink stamp in your passport as a record of admission, you can request this from a CBP officer at the time of entry. However, it’s important to note that officers may choose not to provide a stamp, as the electronic record fulfills the requirement.


The CBP’s shift to a stampless entry and electronic I-94 issuance process represents a significant advancement in immigration procedures. Travelers should familiarize themselves with these changes and understand how to access and manage their I-94 records online for a hassle-free entry experience into the United States.

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