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Beginning in April of 2022, CBP piloted a simplified stampless entry and electronic I-94 process at selected ports of entry. The process has now become standard practice and will be implemented across all US ports of entry. The issuance of a stamp is now at the discretion of CBP. We discuss CBP stampless entry and electronic I-94 issuance here.

CBP Stampless entry and Electronic I-94 Issuance

Traditionally, CBP issued a paper I-94 card that was stapled to a person’s passport along with an admission stamp to record their lawful inspection and admission to the United States. CBP has slowly implemented a stampless entry and electronic I-94 issuance process. As CBP expands this new policy, physical stamps and paper I-94s will no longer be commonplace. A record of admission to the United States is now done electronically and attached to the passport used when entering the United States.

What is an I-94, and what am I supposed to do with it?

How do I retrieve the electronic CBP I-94 record of admission?

Your I-94 record of admission is an important immigration document and should be reviewed for accuracy and downloaded promptly after your admission to the United States. Any errors should be noted and corrected immediately. You can look up and print your electronic I-94 record with the following link: CBP I94 Lookup

How do I get my CBP Form I-94 Record?

Can I request a stamp from CBP to record my admission?

In most cases, if you would like CBP to stamp your admission with an ink stamp on your passport, you will need to make a specific request at the time of your admission. Even then, since the admission is recorded electronically, the CBP officer may choose not to place an ink stamp on your passport as it is no longer required.

How do I correct a mistake on my I-94 at a CBP deferred inspection site?

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