Having a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) conviction on your record can affect your ability to enter Canada, even if you do not plan to drive during your visit. In Canada, DUI is considered a serious offense and can be considered a criminal offense, which may result in inadmissibility for entry into the country. We discuss entry to Canada with a DUI or related offense here.

Can I Enter Canada with a DUI If I Will Not Be Driving?

Canada has strict immigration laws and regulations, and individuals with a criminal record, including DUI, may be deemed inadmissible and denied entry at the Canadian border. This applies regardless of whether you plan to drive or not during your visit. Canada’s immigration officers have the authority to refuse entry to individuals who are deemed to pose a risk to public safety or security, including those with a DUI or other criminal record.

Does the mode of transportation matter?

How you choose to travel to Canada, as a passenger or driver,  has no impact on your admissibility to Canada. This applies to all persons you may be traveling with or if you will be flying, taking a taxi, walking, taking a bus, a boat, Uber, etc. We have worked with many individuals that were traveling as passengers to Canada through all modes of transportation that were denied entry for a past DUI or criminal conviction.  Don’t assume you can enter Canada by using a different mode of transportation or as a passenger to avoid detection. Entry to Canada has nothing to do with how you get there it has to do with your admissibility.

It’s important to note that criminal rehabilitation is not guaranteed and is subject to the discretion of the immigration officer reviewing your application. It’s highly recommended to seek legal assistance from a qualified Canadian immigration lawyer to ensure that you understand the process and meet all the requirements for criminal rehabilitation in Canada.

How do I get criminal rehabilitation (CR) in Canada?

What is a temporary resident permit (TRP) for Canada and do I need one?

What is “Deemed Rehabilitation” for entry to Canada?

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