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In some instances, those inside the United States working under TN visa status look for ways to supplement their income. Foreign nationals need to be careful when looking for a side hustle as it must be covered by their visa status. In most cases, a new visa must be obtained to cover any work done on the side. We discuss supplemental income or side hustle while on TN visa status here.

Can I work at Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub, Lyft, Instacart, or another part-time job while on my TN visa?

Many times a Canadian or Mexican national working in the United States under a TN visa status would like to supplement their income with a side hustle. There are many options out there that can seem appealing such as Uber, DoorDash, GrubHub Lyft, Instacart, and other flexible positions that can look appealing for supplemental income. There are a few issues that arise when on a TN Visa and looking to work in such positions. The three main issues are:

  1. TN Visa Status Side Hustle NOT Permitted – TN visa status is employer and position specific. You are only authorized to work for the employer, for the specific position, for the specific time period listed on your TN visa. You are not able to work for any other employer without first obtaining a new TN visa tied to the specific employer for the specific position. Side work for any employer not listed on your TN visa is not authorized and is a violation of your visa status.
  2. NOT a TN Visa Profession – Any position performed in the United States under TN visa status must fall under one of the listed TN visa occupations. Working as a driver, delivery driver, or any related positions are not TN visa occupations and do not qualify for TN visa status or any other visa status to work in the United States as they are not considered professional-level occupations. TN visa status is not available for these types of positions.
  3. Self-Employment NOT Allowed – Most of the positions that fit in this scenario are independent contract positions and not employees. In other words, self-employment. You set your own schedule. You work if you have time when you want to. You drive your own vehicle and are responsible for your own insurance, etc. TN visa status does not authorize self-employment.

Before you accept any employment as a foreign national, you must first have proper work authorization. Working without proper work authorization is NOT permissible and is an immigration violation.

TN Visa Professions & Occupations List

Can I be self-employed on a TN Visa?

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