When a foreign national (alien) applies for a visa to work in the United States, withdrawal of the visa application is not a matter of right. Before applying for a US work visa, or admission to the United States, make sure you understand your rights and whether or not you qualify for the visa requested before applying. Find out more about the withdrawal of a visa application for admission at a US Port of Entry.

Can I withdraw my visa application at a US port of entry?

When applying for a work visa at a US port of entry, the CBP Officer has the discretion to allow a  foreign national to withdraw their application for admission to the United States. In many instances, this is presented as an alternative to removal proceedings when the application is clearly inadmissible to the United States. According to the March 2015 CBP Memo on Withdrawal of Application Procedures at Ports of Entry, An applicant for admission to the United States DOES NOT have the right to withdraw their application. Only the CBP Officer can offer withdrawal of an application for admission.

Making an application for a visa to the United States is a serious matter that can carry significant immigration consequences. You should not make an application for admission to the United States without first seeking advice from a qualified professional.

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