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The ability for both Canadian and Mexican nationals to work in the United States with a TN Visa under the USMCA(NAFTA), is limited to the professions listed under USMCA Chapter 16 Appendix 2. The USCMA professions list is specific to the qualifying profession and required qualifications. Professions not listed, do not qualify for TN visa status. We discuss the profession of a project manager or operations manager for TN Visa purposes here.

Does the profession of a project manager or operations manager qualify for a TN Visa?

Neither project manager nor operations manager is a profession listed under USMCA Chapter 16 Appendix 2 as a qualifying TN visa profession. However, this does not necessarily mean that the position offered does not qualify for TN Visa status under a qualifying TN visa profession. The best way to determine if your position qualifies is to speak with an experienced TN visa lawyer. You can also refer to our three-part analysis to see if your position might qualify.

Three-part Job Offer Analysis

Do I need a lawyer for my TN Visa application?

In cases where there is not a clear nexus between the job offered and a USMCA professional, it is best to work with an immigration lawyer with specific experience with TN Visa professionals. Most often, only an immigration lawyer with experience in such cases will be able to provide the necessary advice and counsel to prepare an approvable TN visa application.

TN Visa Professions & Occupations List

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