Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast - Episode 37

Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast – Episode 36

In this episode of the Arrive US Immigration Law Podcast for Canadians, we answer the following questions submitted by our listeners:

  1. My case is in administrative processing, what should I expect?
  2. As a Canadian citizen can I visit my son who is studying on a student visa (F1)? My family immigration sponsored by my father’s priority date is November 7, 2011.
  3. Can I apply for an adjustment of status from B1 / B2 to Immigrant VISA (F3), in the USA?
  4. I am applying for my son’s N-600k and am looking for some expertise. I am a dual American-Canadian citizen. I do not meet the 5-year physical presence in the US requirement but my dad did, therefore, I plan on using my son’s grandfather (also a dual citizen) for the application. He is deceased and wanted to be sure that it was still possible to use him as a grandparent despite this.
  5. I am a Canadian (by birth) and have gotten a job offer to work in the United States. I am hoping to go to the USA to work and live with my fiancé. The job is administrative in nature and although I’ve taken some university and college courses I hold no degree in any of the fields listed for a TN1 visa.
  6. I am a born and raised Canadian Citizen and I am in a long-distance relationship with an American citizen. I have successfully visited my girlfriend in the United States twice alone and once with family while I was a student. But this past August, after graduating with a bachelor’s, I attempted to visit my girlfriend again, but this time for 3-4 months instead of the 2-3 week visits I’ve done before. I was refused at the border due to several factors. I came with two oversized bags, no return ticket, a non-concrete return date, not enough funds in my bank account to support my trip, no job, no home under my name, and no financial statements.
  7. My work is providing an L1 visa, with allows my spouse to enter the USA with an Automatic L2 Visa. Wanted to know what the process is in ensuring he has all eligibility to work in the USA.

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