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For TN Visa holders, the flexibility to travel is a valuable aspect of their status. However, extended stays outside the U.S. can raise questions from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regarding employment continuity. Our guide provides crucial insights for managing long-term travel without jeopardizing your TN Visa status.

Essential Considerations for Extended Travel on a TN Visa

  1. Preparation for CBP Inquiries: If your travel exceeds 30 days, be prepared to address CBP’s concerns about your employment’s continuity. Demonstrating your ongoing commitment to your U.S.-based job is crucial.
  2. Employment Verification Letter: Secure a letter from your employer on company letterhead, signed by a responsible authority. This should confirm your current employment, job role, and the nature of your work, including reasons for your extended travel.
  3. Documentation of Work Activities: Carry evidence of ongoing projects or assignments, showing active participation in work-related activities while abroad. This could include project plans, meeting schedules, or assignment briefs.
  4. Proof of Remote Work Engagement: Provide documentation such as email correspondences, records of virtual meetings, work logs, or timesheets to prove your work involvement from overseas.
  5. Recent Pay Stubs: Presenting recent pay stubs from your U.S. employer can serve as strong evidence of continuous employment.
  6. Tax Documents: Your latest tax returns indicating income from your U.S. employer can further reinforce your employment status.
  7. Evidence of Intent to Return: Having a return ticket to the U.S. can signal your intention to resume your duties in the States.
  8. Explanation of Work Nature: If your role inherently involves travel or allows for remote work, providing explanations or supporting documents is advantageous.


While the TN Visa offers significant travel flexibility, maintaining and demonstrating continuous U.S. employment is vital for uninterrupted status. As immigration rules can evolve, it’s wise to stay informed and consult an immigration attorney for personalized guidance, ensuring a worry-free experience during your extended travel.

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