Extended travel on a TN Visa

Navigate Unrestricted Travel on a TN Visa: Essential Tips for Extended Stay Outside U.S.

Enjoying the freedom of unrestricted travel under TN Visa status as a U.S. employee has its nuances. If your journey takes you outside U.S. borders for a prolonged period, be aware that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may examine the consistency of your employment and TN Visa status during your absence. Explore our comprehensive guide on managing extended travel while safeguarding your TN Visa status.

Important Points to Note About Long-Term Travel with a TN Visa

Despite TN Visa’s allowance for limitless travel during its validity, lengthy trips can lead to CBP inquiries concerning your TN Visa and employment maintenance. Suppose you’ve spent over 30 days outside the U.S. Prepare to address questions about your employment continuity while overseas. Before returning to the U.S. on a TN Visa post-long-term travel, ready yourself to tackle possible queries with the following strategies:

  1. Employment Verification Letter: Obtain confirmation of your continued employment via a letter on your company’s letterhead, endorsed by a suitable superior. This letter should authenticate your employment, job role, and work nature, and can additionally explain why your job accommodates extended travel.
  2. Proof of Ongoing Projects/Work Assignments: Present documents detailing ongoing work assignments, meetings, or tasks to demonstrate your active involvement in work while overseas.
  3. Evidence of Remote Work: Furnish proof such as email exchanges, records of virtual meetings, work logs, timesheets, etc., to establish your active work engagement outside the U.S.
  4. Pay Stubs: Regular pay slips can evidence that your U.S. employer is still paying you, a robust sign of continued employment.
  5. Tax Documents: Recent tax returns revealing income from your U.S. employer can likewise affirm employment maintenance.
  6. Return Flight Tickets: A return ticket to the U.S. can indicate your intent to return and continue working in the U.S.
  7. Explanation of the Nature of the Work or Job that Requires Travel: If your job inherently involves travel or permits remote work, supporting explanations or documents can be beneficial.

Bear in mind, our guidance is general and may not cover all specific situations. Always seek advice from an immigration attorney for your unique case. Also, immigration rules and procedures may change, so always keep yourself updated with the latest information.

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