The US Department of State now offers Mexican citizens the option of a 1-year or a 4-year TN Visa stamp. This change allows for increased travel authorization for Mexican citizens for an added fee. We discuss the 1-year and 4-year TN Visa stamp options for Mexican citizens here.

1-Year and 4-Year TN Visa Stamps for Mexican Citizens

Recently the US Department of State increased the maximum time period a Mexican citizen can request a TN Visa stamp to up to 4 years. Mexican citizens now have the option of a 1-year TN visa validity period, or, a 4-year TN visa validity period. The visa reciprocity fee for the 1-year TN visa stamp is $104 while the visa reciprocity fee for the 4-year TN visa stamp is $382.

TN Visa Stamp vs. TN Visa I-94 Record

While the TN Visa stamp is used to travel to the United States, it does not increase the length of permissible stay in the United States. Even though the TN visa stamp validity has increased to a maximum of 4 years, the maximum time period you can be authorized per stay under TN visa status remains at a maximum of 3 years.  The period of authorized stay in the United States is indicated on the I-94 record after admission to the United States. It is important to verify the validity of your I-94 admission record and to not stay beyond your authorized period of stay.

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I-94 Expiration Date: Why is it important?

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