Newly Introduced 1-Year and 4-Year TN Visa Stamps for Mexican Nationals

The US Department of State has recently revised its policy, now offering Mexican citizens an increased visa validity period of up to 4 years for their TN Visa stamps. This move provides an added level of flexibility to Mexican nationals, with options for either a 1-year or a 4-year TN visa validity period.

Understanding TN Visa Reciprocity Fees

The costs for obtaining a TN Visa Stamp have also been adjusted. For a 1-year TN visa stamp, the visa reciprocity fee is $104, while for a 4-year TN visa stamp, the fee stands at $382.

The Distinction between TN Visa Stamp and TN Visa I-94 Record

Despite the increased validity of TN Visa stamps, it is essential to note that these changes do not extend the permissible length of stay within the United States. Even with a validity period of up to 4 years for the TN Visa Stamp, the authorized stay under TN visa status is capped at 3 years. The specific period of authorized stay is indicated on the I-94 record after entry into the United States, underscoring the importance of checking your I-94 admission record’s validity and adhering to the specified duration of stay.

I-94 Expiration Date: Why is it important?

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