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Navigating the Enhanced TN Visa Stamps for Mexican Nationals

In a significant policy shift, the US Department of State has expanded the horizon for Mexican citizens applying for TN Visas, introducing an extended validity period of up to 4 years. This development grants applicants the choice between a 1-year or a 4-year TN visa validity, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Revised TN Visa Reciprocity Fees

Accompanying the extended validity options are adjustments to the TN Visa reciprocity fees. For a 1-year TN visa stamp, the reciprocity fee is now set at $104, while opting for a 4-year TN visa stamp incurs a fee of $382. Understanding these fees is integral to the visa application process, ensuring a seamless experience for Mexican nationals.

Crucial Distinction: TN Visa Stamp vs. TN Visa I-94 Record

While the introduction of 4-year TN Visa stamps is a notable enhancement, it’s imperative to clarify that this extension does not elongate the permissible length of stay within the United States. Despite the extended validity, the authorized stay under TN visa status remains capped at 3 years. This crucial distinction emphasizes the significance of regularly checking your I-94 admission record, aligning with the specified duration of stay.


Embrace the newfound flexibility in TN Visa options for Mexican nationals, offering choices between 1-year and 4-year validity periods. Stay informed about the adjusted reciprocity fees and understand the nuanced difference between TN Visa stamps and I-94 records for a seamless and compliant visa experience.

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