Reentry Permits USCIS Form I-131 – If you are in the United States as a lawful permanent resident (LPR) and will be spending 6 months or more outside the United States, you might need a re-entry permit.  You must be physically present in the United States when you file the re-entry permit and complete the biometric services requirement, if applicable. One of the most common reasons a re-entry permit application is denied is due to lack of physical presence in the U.S. when the case is filed. A case is considered filed when USCIS receives the case for processing and issues a receipt notice. If you are not in the United States when the case is received, it will be denied. You can file for a re-entry permit with USCIS Form I-131. We have over 20+ years of experience helping U.S. permanent residents obtain reentry permits. Call a U.S. Immigration Lawyer today.


Absence from the United States of 6 months or More

Any absences from the U.S. of six (6) months or more may impact the continuous residency for citizenship. Absences of one year or more can lead to abandonment of your U.S. permanent residency.  In these cases you should file a re-entry permit. You should also consider USCIS Form N-470, Application to Preserve Residency.