There are applicants who can readily determine if their jobs qualify for TN visa status but there are some who are not able to determine if their jobs qualify or not. You will know that your job qualifies for TN visa status if:

In a situation where the job offer contains a title, requirements or duties that don’t clearly match with a listed TN Visa profession, it’s best to have an experienced immigration attorney assist you. Getting a job offer that doesn’t clearly match with the ones listed under NAFTA TN Visa professions doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t qualify for TN Visa status.

When you are faced with this situation, it’s best to contact an experienced immigration attorney to help you determine the right TN Visa profession . We have helped many Canadians identify the right TN Visa profession for their TN visa needs. In addition, TN Visa status is not for all types of jobs. We can suggest the best visa alternatives for you if your job is not included in the list of TN Visa professions.