SSN for TN visa

How do I get my SSN on a TN visa? 

Anyone that has been legally authorized to work in the United States on a valid work visa is able to obtain a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN). This includes Canadian and Mexican citizens that have approved TN visas. The SSA recommends waiting at least 10 days after approval of your TN visa before applying for a SSN. The following document contains the detailed instructions for obtaining a SSN: SSN Foreign National

Where do I get my SSN on a TN Visa?

After you have been approved for your TN visa, you are able to go to any SSA Office to apply for your SSN. Upon presentation of the proper supporting documents, your SSN and SS Card will be mailed directly to the address you provide.

What do I need to get my SSN on a TN Visa?

You need proof of your identity and legal authorization to work in the United States. In general you need the following documents in order to obtain a SSN:

  1. Completed Social Security Card Form (Form SS-5)
  2. Unexpired foreign passport.
  3. The admission stamp in your passport showing the validity dates of your TN visa.
  4. A copy of your Form I-94 showing your valid TN visa.

Do I need my SSN before I start working on my TN Visa?

A SS# is NOT required in order to begin working. Employers are required to complete Form I-9 to document verification of the identity and employment authorization of each new employee (both citizen and noncitizen) hired to work in the United States. In general the following is a list of documents that can be used to prove work authorization:

* A social security card is not required for Form I-9 compliance. You can commence work with any of the above listed documents.

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