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Refused Entry to Canada?

Canadian Inadmissibility Lawyer

Refused Entry to Canada? If you are convicted of an offense you may be inadmissible to Canada. This may be due to a criminal offense that you committed in the past such as a DUI, DWI, DWAI, OUI, DUAI, possession, assault, a felony, misdemeanor, fraud, or other convictions.

If you have been refused entry to Canada, were turned back at the border, or are unsure whether you are inadmissible, it is important to consult with a Canadian immigration attorney who can compare the law under which you were convicted with the equivalent law in Canada to see whether the conviction is one that makes you inadmissible. We can also determine whether your offense is one that is considered major or minor criminality.

If you are inadmissible, there are three ways to overcome your inadmissibility and get permission to travel to Canada again.

Deemed Rehabilitation

If your offense was minor in nature and you only have one offense on your record, you may be considered deemed rehabilitated. You must wait 10 years from the date of the completion of your sentence to be deemed rehabilitated. Nothing but the passage of time will qualify you for deemed rehabilitation and once this happens you should be able to enter Canada without having to make an application. If your offense was a major offense, or if you have more than one offense, you will never be deemed rehabilitated and an application will be necessary to overcome your inadmissibility.

Determination of Rehabilitation

You may apply for a determination of rehabilitation if 5 years have passed from the date of the completion of your sentence. These types of applications are filed with the Canadian Consulate and can take up to 12 months to process. An approval of rehabilitation is permanent unless you re-offend.

Temporary Resident Permit

If 5 years have not yet passed since the completion of your sentence OR if you need to go to Canada urgently and can’t wait for a determination of rehabilitation, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. Temporary Resident Permits can be filed with the Canadian Consulate where they can take a few months to process. An application can also be made at the border for a decision on the same day.

Once approved, a Temporary Resident Permit is only temporary and will need to be renewed if you wish to continue to travel to Canada.

Canadian Inadmissibility is a complex area of law requiring a skilled Canadian Immigration Attorney and in-depth knowledge of Canadian Immigration and Criminal Law. At Richards and Jurusik, we have extensive experience helping people who have been refused entry to Canada to overcome inadmissibility issues.

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