Can my wife work if I have a TN visa?

Can my wife or dependant work if I have a TN visa? 

A TN Visa only grants work status to the employee. It does not provide work status for a spouse or any other dependant. A spouse or qualifying dependent is granted a TD visa. Although a TD visa allows a spouse and qualifying dependants to live in the U.S., it does not grant work status.

What can you do on a TD visa?

A TD visa holder can live in the U.S. along with the TN visa spouse/parent for as long as their TN visa status remains valid. Although they are not authorized to work they are allowed to attend school and otherwise live legally in the U.S.

How does my wife (spouse) or dependant work while I am on a TN visa?

A spouse or dependant that wishes to work in the U.S. must qualify for and obtain their own work status either on a TN visa or in another qualifying work status. This is done in the same way the TN visa holder obtained their original TN visa. There are options to change status by mail with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and by applying at a qualifying U.S. port of entry.

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