Multiple TN Visa Employers. In many cases a TN visa professional has the need to add a TN Visa employer. You are allowed to have 2 TN visas at the same time and in some cases more than 2 TN visas. Keep in mind that you cannot begin working for a new TN visa employer without prior approval. We have over 20+ years of combined experience with TN visa change of employer applications with hundreds of 5 star reviews. We can assist you to change your employer while remaining in the United States. Contact us for a free assessment of your options to add a TN visa employer. 1-866-697-1832

Concurrent TN Visa Employers

The TN visa is employer specific. This means that you need a TN visa for each employer you intend to work for in the U.S. This is what is referred to as “concurrent employment”. You are allowed to have more than one TN employer at a time. In some cases, such as management consultants, a person can have multiple TN visas at once.

How do I add a TN Visa

An additional TN visa can be added the same way as you obtained your initial TN visa. Typically this is done by mail with USCIS or in person with CBP.

If you have questions about working for multiple employers on TN visas, we can help. We have 20+ years of experience helping people to work and live in the United States on TN visas.

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